Đề thi kết thúc môn reading level 4 duy tân

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Chào các bạn, bài viết ngày hôm nay MeCloudVN  sẽ gửi đến các bạn đề thi reading level 4 của trường Đại học Duy Tân nhé!


Năm học: 2015 – 2016

Thời gian làm bài: 45 phút


1. ________we were exhausted, we had to continue because there was a lot of work.

A. since                B. although             C. however                D. if

2. Any person ________would like to go out must ask for permission from the teacher.

(A) who (B) when (C) which (D) whose

3. My house, ________is next to Duy Tan university, was built in 2000.

(A) who (B) which (C) what (D) where

4. We met to discuss the proposal; _______, we failed to come to an agreement.

(A) however (B) therefore (C) so (D) for

5. He had an accident as a result _________ his carelessness.

(A) as (B) about (C) beyond (D) of

6. All students are requested to register for the course ________ advance at the English

center’s website.

(A) at (B) to (C) in (D) near

7. He applied to the firm ______ his brother had previously worked.

(A) which (B) when (C) of which (D) where

8. All household objects, such as matches, scissors, and knives should be kept

__________ reach of small children.

(A) out of (B) away with (C) up until (D) without

9. She doesn’t know _____________ she should deal with this problem.

(A) the way how (B) how (C) where (D) what

10. You can submit your application form_________by email or by fax

(A) also (B) nor (C) or (D) either

11. Fred Sumner will be giving the speech in place______Mr. Trent, who is down with

the flu.

(A) to (B) from (C) of (D) on

12. This is the village ____________I was born and grew up.

(A) where (B) how (C) when (D) why

13. Any one _____________ about high taxes should talk to the accountant.

(A) concerned (B) concerning (C) is concerned (D) concerns

14. We are looking for an accountant ____________ eligible for the managerial position.

(A) who are (B) who (C) whom are (D) who is

15. ________ I was visiting Da Lat, I bumped into one of my friends.

(A) while (B) during (C) for (D) because

16. Doctors has decided to transfer serious patients ______ H P hospital.

(A) at (B) by (C) to (D) of

17. All his novels are set in Italy________ the exception of his last.

(A) at (B) with (C) to (D) of

18. People ___________ signed up for the program yesterday got a 5% discount.

(A) who (B) what (C) whom (D) which

19. The club welcomes all members _______________ of age.

(A) regardless (B) regard (C) regarding (D) regarded

20. Any Contract _______ is not signed by the members of the Board of Directors would

have no legal power even though its terms may have already been executed.

(A) who (B) which (C) whom (D) of which

21. There were more than twenty employees attending the conference, many of ______

have over ten years’ work experience.

(A) who (B) whom (C) which (D) that

22. It appears that after ________to persuade me, he decided to try another friend.

(A) failed (B) failing (C) have failed (D) fail

23. As a teacher, it is crucial to understand _______ most students expect.

(A) how (B) if (C) what (D) that

24. ____________he left earlier than usual, we couldn’t see him off.

(A) even though (B) however (C) because of (D) as

Questions 25-27 refer to the following report

________________bad weather, our flight is delayed until tomorrow

25. (A) as to (B) due to (C) in spite of (D) in place of

The information about the next flight will be informed later. Passengers please gather at the

lounge and check before leaving.

_____________you have any problem, please call at extension 335.

26. (A) although (B) if (C) so (D) since

We are sorry for this________________.

27. (A) convenient (B) convenience (C) inconvenience (D) inconvenient

Questions 28-30 refer to the following email


Any of our designs can be____________ to your specific needs and tastes and will

28 (A) presented (B) provided (C) specialized (D) customized

Always incorporate the timeless and skillful designs capabilities of our team. Sean offers

a___________ of highly customizable option which are unmatched in the furniture

industry today.

29 (A) various (B) variety (C) varied (D) vary

Our mission is to provide you with choice: design, size, materials, finish and delivery

method. We can provide such____________ because each piece individually handcrafted

on a made-to-order basis.

30 (A) creativity (B) punctuality (C) flexibility (D) productivity

Questions 31-33 refer to the following letter

The food and drug administration invites you to attend a public meeting concerning

modernization of the agency’s food manufacturing practice regulations for food meant for

human consumption.

The food industry has undergone________ changes, and the agency believes that it

31 (A) considerate (B) considerable (C) consideration (D) considering

is now time to revisit these regulations to determine whether they are ensuring a safe

and____________ food supply.

32 (A) sanitary (B) preventive (C) continuous (D) prevailing

To the end, the FDA has recently announced three public meetings in the Federal

Register. The meeting___________ at the FDA headquarters from 10a.m to 11a.m.

33 (A) were held (B) have been held (C) to hold (D) will be held


Questions 34-36 refer to the following notice

34. What is the main purpose of the notice?

(A) to inform readers of a useful website

(B) to describe the Japan-America society of Greater Long Island

(C) to teach people to write poetry

(D) to announce than upcoming workshop

35. What information is NOT given in the notice?

(A) the workshop instruction’s name

(B) late registration instruction

(C) cancellation instruction

(D) things to bring to the workshop

36. According to the notice, who is the workshop tailored to?

(A) intermediate sushi chefs

(B) beginner sushi chefs

(C) new JGA members

(D) all JGA members

Questions 37-39 refer to the following information

37. What is the purpose of March for Kids?

(A) it provides food for all children

(B) it encourages people to walk

(C) it raises 79 cents from each walker

(D) it benefits babies born before term

38. What is listed as a benefit of joining the walk as a company?

(A) it helps creates ties that transfer into the workplace

(B) employees will receive a bonus for their participation

(C) it gives hope to more than half a million orphans

(D) people qualify to participate in other marches

39. How long has the March Organization been in existence?

(A) 10 years

(B) 20 years

(C) 30 years

(D) 100 years

Questions 40-42 refer to the following letter

40. What is the purpose of the letter?

(A) to show appreciation for past work

(B) to ask for a sponsorship

(C) to promote a special helpers group

(D) to ask for help in an upcoming project

41. Who most likely is Mr Derring?

(A) a Boy Scout

(B) an event organizater

(C) the CEO of the American Boy Scouts

(D) the leader of a Boy Scout troop

42. According to the letter, what kind of work did the Scouts perform?

(A) they sponsored a new charity drive

(B) they helped secure funding for a construction project

(C) they organized a special helpers group

(D) they performed some construction work

Questions 43- 45 refer to the following email

43. What is the purpose of the email?

(A) to inform employees about a new policy

(B) to request feedback on a new business strategy

(C) to introduce new human resources director

(D) to inform employees of a renovated company website

44. When will the change take effect?

(A) in one week

(B) in two weeks

(C) in one month

(D) in two months

45 What are the employees instructed to before taking a vacation?

(A) notify Angela Leason

(B) sign a waiver

(C) get written confirmation from their supervisor

(D) consult with the human resources department

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